The digital age continues to evolve and it’s not only changing the way businesses are run, but also the skills of those helping run them. Hanson Hosein, the Director of the Master of Communication in Digital Media at the University of Washington, understands this as well, if not better than anyone. Each day Hanson uses his unique program to help students prepare for careers influenced now, more than ever, by digital technology.

With 2011 all but over, Hanson recently shared on Mashable five key predictions on how professionals should focus their career strategy in the new year to keep pace with the ever-changing technology industry. From really getting to know the mass-variety of devices and trends, to behaving like a media entrepreneur or creator yourself, technology is sure to have a major impact, according to Hanson:

“This is especially crucial in 2012, as we’ll see digital connectivity penetrate into the deepest reaches of our personal lives, from our workout routines to our cars. As you see how these devices hit critical mass, you can think strategically and begin to predict which platforms and technologies will dominate.”

To be sure he and his program remain on top of 2012’s upcoming innovations, Hanson will also be attending the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) in January, reporting back on the major announcements and trends as they relate to digital and social media. Be sure to keep up with Hanson’s daily updates while at CES at his Storyteller Uprising blog or by following him on Twitter @hrhmedia or the hashtag #MCDM.

Image courtesy of Simon Blackley.

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