Note: this post was authored by Andy Keith and originally appeared on the Weber Shandwick Social Studies blog.

Every organization has stories to tell. This is true whether that organization is a global corporation or a small business; a non-profit or a professional society; a consumer marketer or specialized B2B manufacturer. It’s true for banks, hospitals, retailers, tech firms, automakers, farms and insurance companies. Effective storytelling lies at the heart of corporate communications – just as it does for journalism, education, marketing, blogging and for that matter, the continuous sharing done by millions on social networks every day.

But what is the most effective way to tell those stories? That is the question Weber Shandwick addresses with its new communications framework, Content Fusion. Content Fusion enables an organization to map out its own unique storytelling ecosystem by identifying stories that can best be told in each respective format and the best options for driving those stories and creating conversations.

In this case, we’ll let our new video tell the rest of this particular story…

We’ve come a long way from the days when public relations equated to putting out a press release and contacting a handful of news outlets. Any organization or brand can operate as a publisher to tell its own stories and build an audience – in fact, it’s no longer an option – but it all begins with content. Digital media offers an unprecedented banquet of formats for creating that content, as well as online vehicles for syndicating stories across the social web, where they can drive conversations, engagement and advocacy.

More at  www.webershandwick.com/contentfusion

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