Ever wish you had an extra week of vacation and a spare thousand dollars to pursue a passion?

At Weber Shandwick Seattle that wish is coming true. Thanks to the office’s newly implemented “No Boundaries” program, three lucky employees have been granted the opportunity to pursue a goal of personal and professional development.

After sifting through a stack of essays full of creative and inspiring ideas, our office’s executive team selected a curious sports marketing guru, a global health activist with a desire to work first hand in Africa, and a future medal-holding marathon runner as this year’s No Boundaries winners. Below is a profile around each of the winner’s upcoming adventures:

Dan’s Goal

Weber Shandwick’s No Boundaries program is providing me the opportunity to head to Maine and Virginia to visit the offices of Octagon, one of our of our sister agencies, for an up-close look on how it manages and integrates sports personalities into consumer-related brand campaigns. I may sneak in a little lobster boat fishing and tour the Newseum on my No Boundaries excursion too!

For nearly my entire professional life, the world of sports has intersected my career journey. From my early days as a sportscaster in the Midwest to executing award-winning PR campaigns in the Northwest working with U.S. Olympic gold medalists Rafer Johnson, Apolo Ohno and Rulon Gardner, former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer and the Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals, using high-profile sports personalities as part of a client’s brand strategy is where I have deep experience, and where I want to grow my career with Weber Shandwick.

Rachel’s Goal

I’m going to Africa!

Really crazy to write, but I couldn’t be more excited. Working with Social Impact clients that are deeply involved with global health and development issues in Africa is fascinating and something that I am deeply passionate about. That said, the 10,000 miles between me and the mother and her four children that walked an entire day to get her children immunized in Africa seems like another world.

Weber Shandwick’s No Boundaries program is giving me an opportunity to pursue my dream in visiting Africa. I’m going to volunteer at a community health clinic to see firsthand the work of the incredible community health workers. I’m also going to meet with communications professionals including my Weber Shandwick colleagues in Johannesburg, South Africa to learn about working with media in Africa, digital trends, etc.  I have A LOT of planning ahead of me, but if anyone has suggestions of where I should go, who I should talk to, etc. please let me know! I’m looking forward to keeping everyone posted on the trip!

Shelby’s Goal

With the help of No Boundaries, I am going to run the Portland Marathon – my first marathon and the single biggest physical accomplishment (and quite possibly the biggest mental accomplishment) I will make to date. I’ll be enlisting the help of a running coach, stocking up on running shoes and water bottles, and spending the weekend in our neighbor to the South for the big event.

Running insane distances reminds me every day what I’m able to accomplish, and how achieving lofty, and seemingly impossible goals is absolutely doable. Since I started running, I’ve become a more confident and driven person, which undoubtedly translates into my daily performance at work. I am tasked with challenging work every day, but when I turn my head to the medals hanging from my desk, and the training plan taped next to them, I get motivated. It seems that if I can run 26+miles without stopping, I am probably also capable of landing a story in the New York Times, pitching a wild idea to my client and even picking myself up after falling down the stairs and tearing a gash in my leg during an out-of-town business meeting (yes, that actually happened).

Stay tuned as we’ll be sure to report back on our No Boundaries adventures!

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