I decided to tune in to MTV’s Video Music Awards Sunday night, and was happy to encounter some really great moments.

Off the bat, two tribute performances really stood out for me. Bruno Mars’ excellent tribute to the late Amy Winehouse was near flawless. The high-energy dance routine dedicated to Britney Spears was also entertaining, doing an excellent job taking us through the evolution of the Queen of Pop. But what really struck a chord for me was Adele’s emotional performance. No pyrotechnics, no strobe lights. Just her voice and a piano. Boy, can that woman sing (I urge you to check out Adele’s performance if you missed it last night).

These may have been my favorite moments, but what was the buzz on Twitter? Well I’ll tell you this, it wasn’t small. In fact, the VMAs saw record tweets per second during its Beyoncé performance, all but reaffirming the power and growth of the social TV movement. TV watchers are no longer satisfied with simply watching what’s on the screen, they want to be able to interact in real-time with what’s on the other side of the tube via their internet-enabled devices. Whether it be to voice their opinions, communicate with other viewers, earn achievements or rewards or even to affect show outcomes, the new social TV audience craves the opportunity to integrate into what their watching.

Overall Mentions – Since last Monday, the VMAs have been tweeted about more than 5.3 million times! That’s a huge number of tweets. In fact, Trendrr reported that Beyoncé’s performance and revealing of her new baby broke Twitter records by generating more than 8,800 tweets per second! Furthermore, an overwhelming majority of those tweets came from mobile devices. Not surprising considering a recent Nielsen and Yahoo! survey that reported that a massive 86 percent of mobile phone owners use internet-enabled handsets while watching TV.

Mention Trends – No head-scratchers here. There was a consistent level of chatter leading up to the night of the awards show, where conversations exploded to the tune of 2.4 million tweets. In short, expolosive tweeting while watching.

Sentiment – If we look at sentiment (excluding tweets that were neutral, which made up the lion’s share), most people were positive. With so many live performances, Twitterers had many chances to tweet their yays and nays with regards to how they felt.

Word Cloud – Like countless music awards shows before it, the VMAs pretty much became the Lady Gaga show. This year, instead of adorning a dress of meat or birthing from a giant egg, she came as her own alter-ego/boyfriend,  Jo Calderone. Hip hop up-and-comer Nicki Minaj and recently pregnant power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé also spurred a lot of conversation. And of course, what’s an award show without a decent serving size of Biebs buzz?

Some Top Tweets:

Thank u monsters for supporting @jocalderone attending instead of myself. He came over last night with 2 moonmen, whiskey + we watched VMAs.Mon Aug 29 17:54:05 via web

Whether I win or lose I’m gonna floss like a boss tonight #VMASSun Aug 28 19:18:20 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

Thank u guys!!! Love u barbz! > RT @MTV: MINAAAAAAAAAJ! Congrats, @NickiMinaj on winning Best Hip Hop Video! You did it, Barbz! #VMAMon Aug 29 01:53:33 via UberSocial

Did you watch the show? If so, what did you think?

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