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I’ll admit, when asked why I wanted to work here, I answered, “Because it’s a global company.” But truthfully, I don’t think I really understood the invaluable learning opportunities one can derive from interning at a global PR agency like Weber Shandwick. That has all changed very quickly. Over the past two months, I’ve had an intense firsthand experience working on an account that has global reach.

To give you a glimpse of what I’ve taken away since starting my internship, I’d like to share with you my top four reasons why it’s great to be a PR intern at a global agency!

  1. Amazing human resources available at your fingertips – With offices around the globe, from Toronto to Singapore, a global agency like Weber Shandwick has an incredible workforce advantage. When there are people all over the world who are helping to reach the same goal – it creates some exceptional results. Worldwide, Weber Shandwick team members have wonderfully diverse backgrounds. This makes the brainstorming, planning and execution processes highly creative and allows for excellent ideas to surface. Seeing this firsthand has allowed me to develop my team collaboration skills tremendously.
  2. Endless possibilities to learn from colleagues’ travels – Global companies have opportunities to open new offices and send employees all over the world for business. These types of opportunities give employees a chance to use their skills and learn new things from people in different offices around the world. While based in the Seattle office, I have learned a great deal from these global experiences by soaking in knowledge brought back by colleagues and using it to develop my own diversified skill set. Currently, a Seattle co-worker is working in South Africa to help grow our presence in that continent. How amazing is that?
  3. Clients that are attracted by the agency’s international reach – Big-name companies, industry game-changers and some of the most exciting startups and non-profits look to partner with global agencies like Weber Shandwick in order to leverage our agency’s global reach. Interning at a global agency enables you to work on accounts with some of the top companies in the world. Because of this, you gain invaluable experience working amongst absolutely brilliant people.
  4. Rounding out your communication skills for a more global audience – For me, one of the more difficult hurdles interning at Weber Shandwick was learning how to communicate ideas to a broader audience. Communication simply doesn’t work the same in every part of the world, so adapting to new styles is vital. By watching my peers and learning from the various communications styles, I am learning how to articulate my ideas to influencers around the world. This type of skill is invaluable to any future career.

Everyone who interns or works at a global agency has different takeaways from their experiences. Have you worked at a global PR agency before? What are the best things about working at a global agency in your experience?

Author—We’re proud to announce that as a result of Shannon’s hard word and rock star skills, she was hired this week as Weber Shandwick Seattle’s newest Assistant Account Executive! You can learn more about Shannon on LinkedIn.

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