One of the best ways to learn about social media for business is learning from those that have done it best. Profiled social success is exactly what SocialMedia.org aims to provide – an opportunity to get an inside look into how it’s done right by some of the largest and most successful brands on the block.

This past Tuesday, BlogWell arrived in Seattle. Hosted by Boeing, the conference provided attendees with the chance to hear social media best practices and past experiences from great companies that included REI, The Clorox Company, Deluxe Corporation, Itron, Quaker Oats, Microsoft, Cargill and Boeing itself.

For the past week leading up to today, what was the buzz? How did the Twittersphere react to BlogWell’s presence in the Emerald City? Take a look below at what we found:

Overall Mentions – Since last Wednesday, there have been more than 1,300 tweets about BlogWell. This number encompasses mentions of both the event and its dedicated hashtag: #BlogWell.

Mention Trends – There was little chatter of the event leading up to event, but as expected, a strong spike of conversations occurred the day before, during and the day after.

Sentiment – Most mentions were neutral, but there was a strong percentage of positively toned tweets. This is a reflection of the great success of the event.

Word Cloud –  Aside from “social media” emerging as a standout conversation topic, the featured companies that presented ended up driving a majority of tweets. Other notable keywords include “ethics,” “toolkit,” and “listening.”

Did you have the opportunity to attend? What did you enjoy most about the event? Feel free to share your experience below!

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