This post is part of our new blog series that will aim to help young professionals land and make the most of their PR agency internships. For the next few weeks, expect to find useful advice and first-hand experiences from our bloggers and very own whiz-bang team of interns.

Flashback 10+ years as I approached my last quarter in college and I was determined to secure a PR agency internship that could possibly lead to a long-term position. My international interest and desire to try agency life after working in the corporate and non-profit environments was the last puzzle piece to choosing the path I hoped would kick-start my career. Naturally, this led me to Weber Shandwick.  I was sure to take advantage of my time as a PR intern to learn as much as I could, demonstrate my skills and capabilities and get to know people in the office or across the agency.

Working for clients in the financial services, health care, cleantech, consumer-tech, wireless, enterprise software sectors, even government (mostly with a tech focus) –– you name it and I’ve had the chance to try it. From London to San Francisco and New York to Austin, I’ve participated in product launches and special events, new business pitches and global exchange programs – all of which have been eye-openers to different PR practices, colleague expertise and programs. It’s the communications experience, global network, team knowledge, and relationships that have also been key reasons for me staying with the firm.

A little more than six months ago, I was presented with another opportunity – shifting out of client work and into a corporate role as marketing and new business director of the global technology practice. While it felt like a big leap with some uncertainty, sitting at that crossroads I saw yet another and even bigger opportunity to have experience working with colleagues and companies around the globe and have a direct impact on technology communications.

For those pondering a PR internship or what route they want their PR career to take, here are a few words of wisdom that I’ve gathered from my own journey:

  • Nothing beats real-world experience – when given the chance to do an internship, take it
  • Keep your eyes and mind open; new possibilities are around every corner
  • Those possibilities lead to opportunities that shape and can define a career

Now go get ’em!

Photo courtesy of Astrogony.

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