Nejeed Kassam is the founder and director of Canadian non-profit High on Life, co-producer of upcoming documentary Conversations for Change and editor of the book “High on Life: Stories of Hope, Change, and Leadership“. He is also the founder of international NGOs End Poverty Now and Networks for Change. You can connect with Nejeed on Twitter at @nejeed or on Facebook.

Today, I’m excited to share with you a Skype interview I conducted with an old high school friend of mine: Nejeed Kassam. After creeping on following many of his Facebook updates about all the inspirational work he’s been doing, I finally decided that I had no choice but to ask him if I could pick his brain for our blog.

In this interview, I ask Nejeed why he believes storytelling is important in the realm of social change. I also ask him what he considers to be the most critical elements to compelling storytelling, especially when one has a good cause to share but faces the daunting task of breaking through today’s level of online and offline clutter.

Here’s a list of “what’s next” for Nejeed and his dedicated team:

  • June 3rd 2011 – Conversations for Change hits the red carpet for a premiere in Toronto and launches online at www.conversationsforchange.ca, free for all viewers.
  • June 2011 – Networks for Change launches online.
  • Fall 2012 – High on Life School Outreach Program and Curriculum launches.
  • Fall 2012 (tentative) – “High on Life 2: More stories of hope, change, and leadership” hits shelves.
  • Ongoing – Look for Nejeed’s posts as he produces content for the United Nations Development Program Documentaries.

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