I once read that changing up your routine is a good way to keep the creative juices flowing, which is important in public relations. Well, I have to say my recent move from Seattle to work at the London Weber Shandwick office has changed, well really eradicated, my routine.

For example, in Seattle every morning I would hop in my VW and travel across the West Seattle bridge into downtown – a predictable commute. However, in London, there is this thing called “public transport” (a foreign term to us Seattleites), which includes the infamous Underground.

I think the alternative term “mass transit” is actually more appropriate, since it is a massive effort to survive, let alone travel, the Underground. Only yesterday on my way home, I entered the tube along with masses of Londoners, all whom have a singular mission: Make it through the turnstile, down the world’s longest escalators and to the train platform as fast as humanly possible. By the way, Londoners walk faster than any other group of people on the entire planet; I think they believe the sidewalk is a raceway. It required every fiber of my being to not get swept along by these masses down the wrong corridor.

And the people aren’t even the worst part. The contractors at this particular station thought it would be funny to design the station as a wind tunnel, where station entrances along with the trains, create a gale force wind that is so strong it pushes against us, thwarting all efforts to reach the trains. I finally reached the platform, hair windswept to one side like Donald Trump, sweat rolling down my face and bruises forming.

Then here comes the actual train racing into the station. The excitement builds, people move forward, elbows out, prepared to spring onboard as the doors open and close again at lightning speed. I fall into the last seat, thankful to be alive and on the right train. Talk about unpredictable!

At this rate, I should be churning out masses of brilliant creativity every day!

Look out for the next edition of From Across the Pond: Adventures of a PR Transplant, coming soon.

Abigail Faylor (seen below) is a Seattleite and Group Manager, currently working at Weber Shandwick London and sharing her experiences in “the big smoke.”

Title photo courtesy of jimmyharris.

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