Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with two leaders in health care social media, Lee Aase (@leeaase), director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and Dana Lewis (@danamlewis), interactive marketing specialist for Swedish Health Services.

Lee and Dana have both been pioneers within the health care space utilizing social media to build brand equity for their organizations and  demonstrating over recent years how social media can be used to effectively target and engage a variety of internal and external audiences. As one of the first health care organizations to successfully take the plunge into social media, Lee now heads up the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. The Center leads the health care community in using social media for knowledge sharing and collaboration between providers in order to improve health care quality everywhere. Dana has been instrumental in Swedish’s online presence and the launch of a new custom designed blog for Swedish staff, physicians, and patients to share their stories.

This week, Lee is joining Dana in Seattle for a Ragan Communications conference hosted by Swedish Hospital called “The Role of Social Media in Engaging Patients, Employees and the Media” (#swedishragan) featuring some of the leading voices in the field. We had the opportunity to ask Lee and Dana a few questions about the state of social media in the health care industry as well as challenges and opportunities at their own organizations. Check out what they had to say below.

Thanks Lee and Dana!

Image courtesy of Atomic Taco.

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