Blogging for the Busy Professional Part 2 – How to Efficiently Convert Ideas into Posts

In Part 1 of this series, I provided some suggestions on where to quickly find content inspiration. But being able to source great ideas for blog posts on the fly won’t help you save time if you get bogged down by the rest of the writing process. This time around, we’ll focus on time-saving techniques. […]

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The “Blogs Are Dying” Debate Continues…

My online routine was turned upside-down the other week when my usual “dose of pop culture” from the highly-visited Gawker.com was interrupted by a new site format. After months of knowing what to expect from the pop culture blog – a front page of witty headlines and paragraph posts and pictures (contained perfectly in rectangular […]

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Hitting The Road to SXSW

Greetings! I’m Wade Rockett from the Weber Shandwick Seattle office. I’m passionate about gaming: how design and mechanics influence behavior, how games can enable better communication and collaboration, and how they can be used to motivate real-world actions that help improve organizations and maybe even help save the world. So I’m very excited to be […]

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Abstaining from tech: Lessons from a time warp to 1985

(Post originally appeared on GeekWire, a recently launched technology news site started by John Cook and Todd Bishop) Erika Bitzer, 30, an account director in the Seattle office of the Weber Shandwick public-relations firm, was perhaps the perfect person to work on a PR project for this past weekend’s “National Day of Unplugging” — because she’s […]

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The Buzz at Emerald City Comicon 2011

If you happened to meander through downtown Seattle this past weekend, chances were that you would’ve seen Batman or Spiderman patrolling the streets. Maybe even the full-fledged X-Men if you were lucky. Unfortunately, their immediate goal wasn’t to keep our city safe. Instead, it was to enjoy Seattle’s premier comic book and pop culture convention: […]

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Hello GeekWire – Todd Bishop and John Cook Begin a New Tech Journey.

Two of Seattle’s tech gurus are no longer covering tech for the Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ). Todd Bishop (@toddbishop) and John Cook (@johnhcook), who co-founded the PSBJ’s TechFlash in 2008, have decided to break off from their creation and pursue an entirely independent venture: technology news site GeekWire. By going out on their own, […]

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Blogging for the Busy Professional Part 1 – Where to Quickly Find Content Inspiration

If you’re like me on most days, there is no resource that comes close to being as precious as time. Deadlines, calls, meetings… it’s not uncommon for me to blink an eye and see that by some anomaly, it’s five in the afternoon and no longer nine in the morning. And like every other one […]

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Walmart: Connecting the Dots

My son loves Walmart.  When asked why, the answer is a no-brainer. “Because it has a lot of stuff.”  What kind of stuff? “Video games and food and cell phones — a lot of video games.”  What kind of food? “Cereal, snacks, and broccoli and fruit.” Broccoli and fruit? What’s up with that? Unknown to […]

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BYU PRSSA Students Visit Weber for a Sneak Peek at Agency Life

It seems like just yesterday I was in college (Go Dawgs!)…equally nervous and excited about graduating and entering the “real world.” And while it has been much longer than just yesterday (nine years ago if you must know), meeting last Thursday with a group of bright, eager college students from BYU-Idaho at the Weber Seattle […]

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