Two of Seattle’s tech gurus are no longer covering tech for the Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ). Todd Bishop (@toddbishop) and John Cook (@johnhcook), who co-founded the PSBJ’s TechFlash in 2008, have decided to break off from their creation and pursue an entirely independent venture: technology news site GeekWire. By going out on their own, the two long-time tech journalists will finally have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of many of the start-ups they cover.

Bishop wrote this in his post from yesterday:

For years we’ve covered the adventures of entrepreneurs large and small, successful and not-so-much — living vicariously through their attempts to build meaningful technology products and businesses. We’ve learned a lot along the way. And now we’re getting ready to experience the entrepreneurial life ourselves, launching an honest-to-goodness startup of our own.

Cook has been infected by the mentality of the entrepreneurs he’s covered for over a decade. Bishop is finally living out a childhood dream of starting his own business. And they’re excited to tell the stories of Seattle’s most innovative companies, both large and small. On their own terms.

With that, everyone here at Weber Shandwick Seattle wishes them the very best. Many of our team members have worked with them for most of their careers, and we are excited to be able to tag along for their newest journey.

For more info, check out their short introductory YouTube video below!

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