A story.

It always starts with a story.

I take pride in fostering a culture of storytellers. Day in and day out, our staff works to embed ourselves in the culture and mindset of our clients to not only meet but exceed goals and expectations. We’ve never been a “one off” project shop but rather an agency chalk full of professional and talented storytellers that understand the value and importance of bringing client messages to life through compelling, engaging, cohesive content.

Unfortunately, many agencies forget the importance of also telling their own story. Defining the gamut of what a public relations agency does on a daily basis can seem daunting. Over the course of the past couple months, we’ve taken time to step back and focus on exactly what it means to be the Seattle arm of one of the world’s leading global agencies.  It’s imperative that our story demonstrates the powerful impact we make each day both locally and across the globe through multiple industries and conveys the pride we invest in every one of our clients.

As part of our community involvement and local pride, we’re incredibly happy to announce that our video below will display on UWTV during the next couple months in partnership with Hanson Hosein‘s weekly Media Space program. While it’s tempting to jump straight to the end of a story, we thought it would be fun to briefly show how our story came together for this opportunity with Hanson.

Step 1:

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Step 2:

Produce. Produce. Produce.

Step 3:  Edit, Publish, Cheer.


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