Green is clean, and when done right, so is technology. Add a dash of good-will and within the cleantech world exists some of the most cutting-edge, yet environmentally responsible companies I have ever had the chance to work with. It’s a rare combination that pushes me to hop online everyday and survey the always surprising landscape.

New to the Weber Shandwick Seattle Cleantech team, I’ve often times spilled words like, “I help promote a company that makes biofuel from the excretion of very tiny bugs,” when sharing my new role with friends and family. For many, the reaction on their face is a scrunch of intrigued disgust. How cool is that? I’ve created legitimate interest from the king of small talk topics – a job.

But that’s not all. There is also this, according to the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).

Buildings are responsible for more than 40 percent of global energy use and one third of global greenhouse gas emissions, both in developed and developing countries.”

Yes, 40 percent! While mathematics may not be my strong suit (hence the PR profession), I know that’s a sizeable chunk of energy use, and l know there are solutions out there to reduce that, creating sustainable, eco-friendly building design every day – I know, because I help spread the word. In fact many of these buildings incorporate regenerative design that actually improves the environment.  The buildings give back to nature.  Again, how cool is that?

It’s a no-brainer — being part of this team is satisfying and rewarding. I walk out the door each night knowing that my efforts not only help conserve energy, but also prevent electronic scrap [sometimes toxic] from filling landfills across the world, thus keeping environments and people healthy.  I must say, it’s empowering to be part of the [bio]fuel that ignites such positive thought and initiative across the world.

You can learn more about Weber Shandwick’s Cleantech practice at Twitter handle @CleantechPR or on the Weber Shandwick Facebook Page.

Image courtesy of Pink Dispatcher.

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