Think it’s impossible to merge your professional and personal life through social media?

Hodge-podge. Look no further than Seattle’s own Aussie-raised KIRO-TV traffic anchor, Jenni Hogan.

Jenni Hogan (image via KIRO 7)

It’s one thing to be a stellar traffic anchor. I envy no one that has to get up at 3:30 in the morning every day.

It’s quite another to be a stellar traffic anchor + fashionista + career mentor + social media goddess.

Seattlites that tune in to KIRO 7 each morning know that Jenni runs a tight ship guiding our pre-caffeinated community around tricky traffic jams and messy flooded streets.

Off the air, Jenni makes an extra effort to engage with her audience online. Utilizing social media for both professional and personal purposes can be a tough challenge and a very delicate balance. Here are five ways Jenni makes it work so well.

1. Balance – A quick visit to Jennie’s site shows an excellent balance between her personal interests and professional career. Granted, being a traffic anchor lends itself to being in the public spotlight but her online presence merges both worlds in a unique way.

2. Community – Probably my favorite page on Jenni’s site is her Jenni-rous page, devoted to touting causes and local events she cares about via dialogue pulled from her Twitter stream. Fantastic community engagement. In addition, Jenni helped establish GoGirl Academy to empower and assist other young women with personal branding and workplace advancement.

3. Personality -It takes but a few minutes on her site to feel like you know Jenni. She creatively engages her audience through Fashion Friday, encouraging input on a new outfit to wear on-air each week. She let’s the public in on her family life, blogging about her recent pregnancy and birth of her daughter. Jenni is even documenting her follow up mission to get back in shape post pregnancy, encouraging others to join her efforts to keep fit and healthy.

Furthermore, she keeps her content raw and localized. Check out this great example of Jenni providing some strategy insight for a local high school football team:

4. Selflessness – Jenni manages to spread the spotlight love and go to great lengths to help others. A recent great example is her push to help her recent intern Meg land a reporting gig.

5. Social Savvy -She gets social media. Simple as that. From Twitter to LinkedIn and every channel in between, Jenni gets the social Web. She focuses on dialogue, keeps engagement high and leverages her audience to take action in support of great community initiatives.

In short – go Jenni go! Keep rocking the social media world and thanks for being a great leader in the Seattle community. Cheers and happy holidays!

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