Go cold turkey.


Yes, you heard us right. Go cold turkey.

Food metaphor aside, we want you to power down. Just for a bit.

But before you do that, hop over and support a great effort called Tweetsgiving. What the heck is Tweetsgiving you ask? Glad you asked.

Tweetsgiving is none other than a “global celebration of gratitude and giving that honors inspirational changemakers who create hope in our world.”

Sanjay Patel and his team did an amazing job with the effort last year and were able to raise enough funds to build a primary school classroom and library in Tanzania in August. Check it out, drop a donation, share your good thanks and help a great cause.


We already know that nearly 60% of American adults will be checking e-mail over Thanksgiving. Time for change. Put that iPhone on silence, turn off your Blackberry, hide the laptop and shut down the T.V. A little digital darkness won’t kill you. Promise. C’mon, we’ll do it together.

Turn to your family and friends and engage in the face-to-face conversation that the wild digital world helps facilitate the other 364 days of the year. Talk about work. Talk about current events. Talk about your niece or nephew or 10-year-old daughter. Talk about future plans or an upcoming trip.

I assure you all 733 Facebook friends, 498 Twitter followers and 116 blog subscribers will still be there when you return. Except for the random second cousin that you mock at the dinner table. You can count on a defriend from him – not the worst thing in the world.

3, 2, 1…

Image courtesy of outofmytree.

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