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Join us; we’re hiring!

Weber Shandwick Seattle is looking to fill numerous positions on our growing strategy, social impact and consumer teams. We’re looking for collaborative, entrepreneurial, and inquisitive teammates who love to create things, tell stories, and solve business problems through integrated communications programs. Apply today: Sr. Vice President, Consumer Tech Communications Group Manager/Account Director, Tech Communications Manager, […]

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How to Think Outside the Jargon Ecosystem Box

Advertising, marketing, public relations, content — whatever we call it, we’re in the business of communicating effectively to others. Yet those of us working in those industries are just as susceptible to using jargon and buzzwords as any other profession. Frankly, there are so many common marketing and advertising buzzwords and trite phrases they could […]

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National Tell a Story Day: WS Seattle and the “Art of the Bounce”

From the listener’s perspective, a story is made of events. This happened, then that happened, then that happened, etc. But from the storyteller’s perspective, a story is made of choices. And behind every feature of every story, there’s a story about how that feature was crafted. In honor of National Tell a Story Day, we’re […]

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Email Marketing

7 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing a Success

You’ve got mail. Ok, so we don’t hear that automated line anymore, but you definitely still do have mail waiting for you in your inbox. Though our inboxes look a bit sleeker now and we don’t hear a screechy dial-up tone when we connect anymore, email still proves to be a sure-fire marketing tactic for […]

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Hoping Cheer Finds You This Holiday Season!

With 2015 nearly here, I wanted to take a brief moment to thank you all – our clients, partners, colleagues, and friends – for a remarkable year. You entrust us with some of the most amazing, challenging, impactful, thought-provoking, and inspiring opportunities to serve you. Thank you for giving us the chance to do what […]

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Convergence Ahead: The Integration of Communications and Marketing

It is a complex time for communications and marketing professionals, marked by an explosion of influencers, a voracious demand for content, one-a-day crises, the consolidation of media outlets and rapidly expanding social media technologies. Although marketing departments have traditionally been responsible for the customer and communications departments responsible for other stakeholders such as media, government […]

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Weber Shandwick Seattle Hiring for New Digital, Paid Media & Project Management Jobs!

We’re growing, and fast! As a leading integrated marketing agency that boasts some of the brightest minds in the business, we thrive on turning clients into true content creators and building communications strategies the right way from the ground up. Most importantly, our deep commitment to maintaining our highly collaborative culture has landed us among Seattle Business magazine’s 100 Best Companies […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Brand Can’t Ignore In-Depth Content

As someone born in 1981, I may be among the last people born with an attention span. Well, that’s the stereotype anyway. If you are a part of the so-called Millennial generation, word is that your attention span can be measured in seconds. I mean, it is the age group that popularized TL;DR, right? Of […]

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3 Lessons Learned in 3 Years Across 3 Weber Shandwick Offices

No doubt, one of the coolest perks of working at a large—nay, huge—public relations agency like Weber Shandwick, is that we’re able to harness a global network of brainpower. For big brands with international presences, our 125+ offices in 80+ countries around the world is super relevant and helpful. For smaller brands with more of […]

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