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The Ask: Laura Miller, Manager, Integrated Media

Welcome to the “The Ask,” a content series that gets up close and personal with the people of Weber Shandwick Seattle. This month, we spent some time getting to know Laura Miller, our resident bug expert and media maven. Here’s what went down: Hi, Laura! What do you do at Weber? What’s an average day […]

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The Ask: Gus Hinton, Associate Producer

Welcome to the “The Ask,” a content series that gets up close and personal with the people of Weber Shandwick Seattle. This month, we sat down with Gus Hinton to talk about the life changing art of sandwich making and the world of motion graphics. Here’s how it went: So, Gus. What’s your story? How […]

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2nd Take with Andy Polansky

It’s not every day we get some face-time with our CEO Andy Polansky. So, while he was here last week, we took the opportunity to catch up with him and shoot his second edition of our 1st Take blog series.  Tune in and hear Andy discuss the current state of marketing industry overall and how Weber Shandwick’s Mediaco unit can help […]

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How the Movie Hitch Helped Me Prepare For the Interview Process

One of my favorite movies of all time is the comedy Hitch. While the movie centers around a date-doctor (Hitch) and his tale of trial and error, there’s a lot you can takeaway and apply to other areas of your life, including the interview process. I treat interviews the same way that Hitch advises his […]

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1st Take with Joe Walton: Building Brand Fans

Social media is playing an ever-increasing role in how consumers discover, research and share information about products and brands. In this 1st Take,  interview, Joe Walton, Account Director in the Weber Shandwick London Technology Practice, discusses the power consumers have today interacting directly with brands on social channels, and shares a personal story of how he […]

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1st Take with Andy Polansky: Global Agency Collaboration

As president of Weber Shandwick, it’s Andy Polansky’s job to support and align with the amazing work flowing throughout the agency’s numerous worldwide locations. Andy recently visited the Seattle office to help toast our 15th Anniversary and share insight around the agency’s ongoing global collaboration efforts. In this edition of 1st Take, Andy discusses the value of leveraging Weber Shandwick’s wide […]

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Storytelling for Social Good – An Interview with Social Change-Maker Nejeed Kassam

Nejeed Kassam is the founder and director of Canadian non-profit High on Life, co-producer of upcoming documentary Conversations for Change and editor of the book “High on Life: Stories of Hope, Change, and Leadership“. He is also the founder of international NGOs End Poverty Now and Networks for Change. You can connect with Nejeed on […]

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