Why This Nonprofit Video Rocks

Last week, our Social Impact team was passing around the Rainforest Alliance’s award-winning Follow the Frog video as a source of quick inspiration. We could get tactical here and breakdown all the nitty gritty details about why this video was a grand success, but it boils down to one key attribute – fantastic storytelling. In our […]

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Pro Bono Spotlight: Helping Treehouse Grow

Last year, I had the opportunity to go to a tea party… for charity!  The event was Treehouse’s annual Tea Party fundraising event at the Norcliffe Estate in North Seattle. I enjoyed an unforgettable afternoon of high tea in the grand ballroom, mingled among thousands of vintage hats (and selected the perfect one to complement […]

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Could You Live on One Dollar a Day?

Here at Weber, we have the opportunity to work with some of the largest companies in the entire world, representing billions of dollars of assets and millions of workers across the globe.

But sometimes, we get the opportunity to work with clients who, though they may be small, are making a very big difference.

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Nonprofit Spotlight: Living on One

Since August of this year, our network of Weber Shandwick offices has had the opportunity to team up with the nonprofit Living on One. The founders, all recent college grads, started their journey in 2010. As sophomore microfinance students, they embarked on a two-month journey to a rural Guatemalan village to live on one dollar […]

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Reinvent the Toilet Fair: Why Scientists Are Competing for the World’s Poop

Contraception, sanitation and toilets. Three things I never imagined would occupy my time as an intern at Weber Shandwick. But when your manager says, “Have fun at the toilet fair!”, you’d better be prepared to mask your grin. And that is exactly where I found myself last week. This year’s Reinvent the Toilet Fair – […]

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Increasing Organ Donor Registrations – One Status Update at a Time

ABC news released an exclusive story today around Facebook’s new tool to help organ donors share their donor registration status. Having been deeply embedded in the organ donation community in the past, I can say that this is a huge accomplishment for the thousands of advocates who work tirelessly day in and day out to […]

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Nonprofit Spotlight: Team Rubicon

Weber Shandwick Seattle recently teamed up with Team Rubicon, a veteran service organization, to raise awareness and support of Veteran Emergency Response Teams. Team Rubicon address two crises, inadequate veteran reintegration and inadequate disaster response, by repurposing veterans’ specialized skills, such as teamwork, leadership, risk management and emergency medicine, to bridge the gap between disaster […]

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KONY2012 from an African Perspective

(NOTE:  Orginal post from Weber Shandwick Seattle’s Deanna Petersen first appeared on Weber Shandwick’s Social Impact blog) Joseph Kony is a monster – that fundamental truth is plain and simple. But that is where the simplicity stops. To gauge the African perspective of the KONY2012 film, I called Uganda and spoke to communication experts across […]

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Nonprofit Spotlight: Team in Training

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) of America designed a unique avenue where fitness and advocacy meet. Driven by the desire to defeat cancer, LLS’ Team in Training (TNT) program serves as an opportunity to make a difference while getting in shape. Trainees pledge to fundraise via charitable walks, runs, hikes and triathlons. TNT boasts […]

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