Grammar Gram! Volume 1

We’re in the communications business. And part of being a good communicator is minding your p’s and q’s. In this blog series, senior copywriter Mike Mathieu gives grammar lessons you might actually remember next time you’re communicating something important. Tip #1: Polishing Up Parentheses Does closing punctuation fall inside or outside parentheses? It depends. To […]

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Does Your Company Have the CEO Reputation Advantage?

The imperative to “engage” has taken over how we think about brands. What does that mean for CEOs? The answer is in The CEO Reputation Premium: Gaining Advantage in the Engagement Era, a research report by Weber Shandwick. The report is full of insights and in-depth information, and in this post we’re going to take […]

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3 Things B2B Brands Need to Know to Reach Their Audience

Ever try to read something for work, only to find yourself starting over again and again? You know what the words mean, but the way they’re strung together it’s like your mind is eating dry saltine crackers with nothing to wash it down. In the end it’s just mush. Corporate PR, especially the business-to-business (B2B) […]

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