Storytelling Powered By You.

As the traditional media paradigm limps toward extinction, the debate continues on what exactly will replace it. It’s into this void that journalist/filmmaker/new media professor Hanson Hosein sees the potential for a storytelling uprising led by…you. Such was the thesis at Hanson’s inaugural talk for a five-part series on storytelling in the digital age. Presented […]

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Will 2011 Be the Year of the Brandvocate?

I found an incredibly interesting new follower in my inbox the other weekend. Meet Domino’s Redmond Fan. This is the first time I have encountered this intense of a brand advocate (brandvocate) on Twitter. We all of course witness social media brandvocates in a variety of shapes and forms in the social space on a […]

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Pink Ponies: A Case Study

If you haven’t seen it already, check out this brilliant marketing piece from John St. Kudos to @cathycalhoun for the pass along. A mock case study indeed but a great marketing idea spark.

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Getting our story straight

Every day when I return home from work, I ask my four-year-old son, Henry, to tell me a story about his day. Rarely does he fail to grab my attention: “John Paul stole my shoe” – “I know what makes me a boy and Ruby a girl” – “I want to be a fireman, but […]

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What’s Your Story?

Mark Twain, one of our great American storytellers, once said, “I like a good story well told. That’s the reason I’m forced to tell them myself.” Everyone loves a good story, but have you ever wondered why some stories stay with you while others completely slip your mind? Have you ever listened to someone deliver […]

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