Listen Up! Best Practices for Identifying Issues Online … Before They Blow Up

Customer gripes and horror stories can spread across the internet faster than a wildfire across the American West. And once a PR crisis like that gets going, the best you can do is minimize the damage. The only way to stop a crisis before it starts is to listen to what people are saying online. […]

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Using Executive Communications for Effective, Meaningful Employee Engagement

Ragan Communications’ annual Employee Communications, PR, and Social Media Summit brings together top communicators and strategists from across North America to lead a dynamic and informative multi-day event. In this three-part series, our team will analyze the trends, milestones and issues that are influencing the rapidly changing landscape of corporate communications. To kick off the […]

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Geekwire Summit 2014 Highlights Part 2: Innovating the Millennial Impact

In our second of three installments covering last week’s GeekWire Summit, we’re shifting our focus onto a key theme that surfaced throughout the conference: millennial-driven disruption. While discussions about the millennial impact on business, technology and society has become de rigueur, the presentations that specifically examined how millennial-targeted businesses and engagement models are differentiating themselves […]

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Weber Shandwick’s firebell Wins Adweek Project Isaac Award for Invention

At Weber Shandwick, we pride ourselves on our longstanding legacy and dedication to providing new, innovative solutions to better serve our clients. One such proprietary solution is firebell, our interactive crisis simulation software and crisis preparedness training, which we’re proud to announce has won the 2014 Adweek Project Isaac Award for PR Invention in the […]

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Blurred Lines: The Connected World of Tech PR

Remember the days when brick-shaped cell phones could only spottily send and receive calls? How about meticulously transcribing directions or referring to ledger-sized map books when lost on the road? Waiting to develop rolls of film only to find that you blinked in each group shot? Who’s feeling really old now? (Me.) But in all […]

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